Patients, who have Czech insurance, have entry check including all x-rays for free.

Entry check-up without Czech health insuarance incl. OPG, digital X-ray : from 1400,- CZK

Entry check-up without Czech Health insuarance (child 3 -10years) : from 600 CZK

Emergency treatment : from 800CZK- 1900 CZK

Composits fillings : from 1500 CZK – 3900 CZK

Endodontic treatment 1 root canal,temporary filling included : from 3500 CZK

Ceramic crown, ceramic overlay, inlay, included all steps and temporary crown: from 11500 CZK

Ceramic veneer included all steps and temporary veneer : from 12400 CZK

Total prothesis (one jaw) : from 6500 CZK

Total prothesis (both jaws) : from 12000 CZK

Tooth extraction : from 1200-1600CZK – 2 200 CZK

Implantat STRAUMANN included all material and ceramic crown : from 28 000 CZK

Hard night guard for Bruxism-hard acrylic material from 5 400,-CZK

Dental hygienist treatment : from – 1400 CZK

Tooth Whitening, : from 5400 CZK

In all treatments prices are included necessary x-rays, temporary fillings, anesthetics, temporary crowns.

The exact plan and the price recieve patient before every treatment .There can be several price alternatives due to material, kind of procedure.