About the Doctor

Jana Navratilova, Dr.med. dent

Born in Prague, Jana lived in Germany and Sweden for 25 years(1986-2010),she loves to play tennis and loves the arts. Jana speaks German, English and Swedish fluently as well as rudimentary Russian. She studied dentistry in Bonn, West Germany. After her studies she worked a few years in a private dental office in Cologne, West Germany and simultaneously finished her Doktor Arbeit (doctorate degree)at the University of Cologne.Her doctorate thesis was about the Aesthetics and well being concerning our teeth. She then opened her own dental clinic in Stockholm, Sweden where she worked for 15 years (1996-2010).Dr. Navratilova works also as an extern teacher for prosthodontics at dental faculty at Charles University of Prague .

Because dentistry is undergoing constant progress, as chief of her clinic, Jana finds it very important to continue to educate herself with all of the latest and new methods She continues to educate herself in international courses on implantology, concentrating on Straumann system, disorders of mandibular joint, endodontics, and most of all, in aesthetics. She took courses by Doctor Sverker Toreskog ,one of the best specialists in aestetic dentistry and master of appliance of Ceramics.

Jana works together in Prague with the most aknowledged orthodontist Dr.Jiří Petr, paradontologist and implantologist Dr.Jan Střeblov. We use dental laboratories in Prague and Stockholm, Sweden.

Dentistry School Germany, Bonn-Studium der Zahnheilkunde Universitaet Bonn, Deutschland 1988-1994
Doctor degree, Dr.med.dent University of Cologne, Germany-Zahnmedizinische Doktorpruefung Universitaet zu Koeln, Deutchland 1996
Dental clinic Koeln Deutschland 1994-1996
Dental Clinic Norrmalmstorg Stockholm Sweden from 1996-2001
Dental clinic Norrlandsgatan Stockholm Sweden 2001-2009
U Rajské zahrady Prague 2009

Zahnaerzte -Kammer Nord -Rhein Westphalen Germany
Svensktandlakarforening- Sweden
Česká stomatologická komora
Česká asociace dentální estetiky

Bruxismus- prof. Magnusson Sweden
Tempomandibular dissorders prof. Magnusson Sweden
Straumann implant -Sweden
Ceramic restauration- Dr. Krystek , Sweden
Veneers restaurations- Dr. Toreskog Sweden
Emdogain Sweden
Extern Teacher for Prostetics Charles University Prague-Dental School